9 Secrets to Build a Healthier Relationship

By M-Power

Successful relationships are not magic, and they are not due to luck. At Live On Purpose TV you will find how to build better relationships with the YouTube video, “9 Secrets to Build a Healthy Relationship.” Dr. John Gottman has done some incredible research on marital relationships. His findings translate to almost any relationship we experience. He says that 70% of problems in relationship are unresolvable. How does that make you feel? Relieved or exasperated? All it really says is that we are different and can expect conflict because of our differences, but differences by themselves aren’t bad. They are what give us a reason to have a relationship. Differences are what make us interesting and relevant to each other. And, these differences were found in couples who reported themselves as happily married and those who reported not being happy in their marriage. The 9 Secrets to Build a Healthy Relationship will…

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