How To Apologize To Your Child For Yelling

By M-Power, Uncategorized

Even with our best efforts, sometimes we do it. We lose our cool and yell at our kids. How do you apologize to your child for yelling? We can learn something from our kids. You know when your kids are kind of conflicted with each other and they end up hurting each other they end up yelling or whatever it is. And you tell them, “Okay now, tell your brother you’re sorry.” And it doesn’t sound sincere at all. Nobody is convinced. Well, let’s learn something from that. Be authentic. Be real about this. I don’t want you to pretend to apologize to your child or do it with some strings attached. For example, what if I were to say, “I’m sorry that I yelled at you. But you shouldn’t have…” You are not really sorry at that point. I gave the apology, then I threw the other party under…

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