Reforming Drama Queens

By M-Power

Once a drama queen, always a drama queen? That crown can get a bit heavy and difficult to maintain as you burn through friendships and jobs. These hints should help you to lose the crown without losing your head! If you find drama whirling around you like a tornado, own it.  Drama doesn’t happen without you buying into it. Figure out where the need for attention comes from. (Hint, a dispassionate third party might be needed to help you here). 2. Creating drama is often a way to seek control or to prove yourself right. That person ALWAYS fights with me. So, you pick a fight, or you spread some inflammatory gossip in a way you know will get back to that person and they will attack.  See! They fight with me. (Ahem, who really started the fight?) 3. Drama occurs when people tell lies or mislead others to think…

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