You Can Make Your Life Less Frustrating with This One Tip

By M-Power

When I learned this one tip, life got easier. Detach from the outcomes. This makes sense because can we really control the outcome? Probably not.  Have you ever been absolutely sure of what should happen?  Not kind of hoped for, but you absolutely KNEW what the outcome needed to be to ensure your future happiness and success. And probably that of your spouse and children, (eye roll). And then something other than what you were sure was the best option was chosen. Now what do you do?  Consider challenging your perception of the outcome. Is the world going to come to an end?  Are you never going to be happy? Is your life over? NO! When you are feeling tipped over or upset about something, stand back. There is almost always more than one solution to a problem. More than one path to a goal. Allow yourself to become more…

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