How Do I Get It In Me?

By M-Power

 There is always a natural law or an eternal principle that can be applied to solve the problems we as humans face.  Brian Regan has a routine about pop-tarts having instructions printed on the package – the joke is that it is hard to imagine someone standing with a pop-tart and being totally stumped about “How do I get this goodness in me?!”  Principles are powerful to change people’s lives, but we have that same dilemma – “How do I get this goodness in me?!”  There is a five-part theory of change that outlines our challenge.  In order for principles to truly create change in someone’s life they have to go through a predictable process:   1.    Encounter – you have to first encounter or be exposed to the principle 2.    Recognize – something about the encounter has to ring with you to recognize the principle as truth.  This is…

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