If not this, then what?

By M-Power

Someone I knew years ago, said people are right where they want to be. She was saying that if someone really didn’t want to be married to their spouse, or if they really didn’t like their job, well, they could quit, find another spouse or another job. If they didn’t do these things, then they were just where they wanted to be. Have you found yourself in a situation not to your liking? Do you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else? When we stay there, this becomes a form of noxious negativity, the antithesis of creation. So why do people choose to stay in noxious negativity? Comfort? Lack of courage? Some actually step into victim mode. They complain and say they have no choice. Anyone can break out of this mode with one simple (but possibly scary) question. It is, “If not this, then what?” Once you ask yourself…

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