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  • Chris says:

    Dr. Paul did a presentation for our military group and it was excellent. I enjoyed learning the number 15 game. I went home and played it with my family and the kids were excited to teach their friends. It’s great to know what it takes to be positive about life. Thank you Dr. Paul.

  • Chris says:

    Dr. Paul did a presentation for our military group. It was entertaining and insightful. I enjoyed learning about he Number 15 game. I went home and played it with my family. The kids were excited to teach their friends. Thank you for your time and positivity.

  • Jim says:

    DUHAAAA, Dr Paul said we already knew it, and I guess I did, but it was fun to gain his perspective and help me realize that I really do. His address to our church group was fun, informative and enlightening, now I just need to remember to use the tools he’s given.

  • Vanessa Park says:

    Dr. Paul was funny and drew the crowd into his presentation. I love the brain hacks as a way to help my family become more positive.

  • Aimee says:

    I hadn’t heard of Dr. Paul before I went to one of his presentations. I now wish I had heard about him sooner. His words and insight were just what I needed to hear! Dr. Paul is a delightful speaker who is both entertaining and informative, and he makes his audience think—positively! Thank you for your presentation, Dr. Paul!

    • DrPaul says:

      Aimee, I’m so honored by your comment – thank you! It was a pleasure to spend time with you and your group. Let me know how I can assist moving forward! DrPaul

  • Clint says:

    I really enjoyed the devotional on 3/10. I especially like how your diagram shows the cause and effect of depression vs anxiety.

    • DrPaul says:

      Thanks Clint – it was great to be with your group this past weekend – hope the model continues to be helpful to you! DrPaul

  • J.C.E. says:

    I heard Dr. Paul speak at a church group last night. It was great. He presented some insights that seemed so simple once he pointed them out, yet I had never considered them before.

    He was also very entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.

  • Alisa Porter says:

    Fantastic! So grateful to now know how to apply the knowledge I already know. Our thoughts precede emotion which precedes action which precedes the result. Positive thoughts DO make a difference. Definitely going to share. Thank you again!

  • Mike Corvin says:

    Dr. Paul came to speak at one of our WFG/TFA training in South Jordan, UT. Very educational and entertaining experience. I am almost finished with his book Pathological Positivity which is very good and highly recommended.

    • DrPaul says:

      Thanks Mike – you can see how this fits right in to the finance and insurance industry right? Glad to be on your team. DrPaul

  • Adam Hehl says:

    Dr. Paul is an amazing speaker!!! It is very eye opening the logic behind Positivism and how you can change your perspective on anything!

  • Steven says:

    Thank you for all the gold nuggets that you gave to our group tonight!!

  • Kelly Warner says:

    Dr. Paul was awesome! He did a great job, had tons of energy and taught us a lot about how to be more positive. Very good stuff.

  • Logan ReidReynoso says:

    Doctor Paul is not only a genius but also an incredible teacher/presenter! He came and presented to my company and it was honestly life-changing. I have thought tons about the things he shared and have been doing the things he advised us to do to stay positive. It has made a big difference for me just over this weekend since he presented. It works!

    • DrPaul says:

      Logan – It does work! I love that these principles are so simple, but until we see it as a choice it’s not. That’s what is so great about illuminating the obvious. Thanks for your participation Saturday night!

  • Tarl ReidReynoso says:

    Dr. Paul came and spoke to my company’s beginning of the year event. Incredible speaker with life-changing content.

  • Marshall says:

    It is amazing that with the little amount of time that we had with Dr. Paul I was able to get so much from his message. I really look forward to getting into his books.

  • Gary says:

    What a great concept! We found that making a clear choice to be positive can change your life!

  • Christy Packer says:

    Gosh, Dr.Paul, I absolutely loved your presentation. Thank you, thank you.

  • Clknt says:

    What a great message! So powerful! Keep up the great work!

  • Ann Marie says:

    My son and I heard Dr. Paul speak at a seminar and were so inspired that we purchased his book Pathological Positivity. Months later when my son was in his freshman year of college, he went through a really difficult time and became very discouraged. We found the book and my son reread it. It changed his entire outlook!

    When he remembered that problems are possibilities and that he had a choice on how to respond to them, everything changed. He’s happier and more engaged in life and school.

    I have also used this book to help me manage the worry I sometimes feel about my children.

    Thank you Dr. Paul for reminding us about “The Feeling” and how to find it regardless of our circumstances! I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Becky W. says:

    I attended a training by Dr. Paul today, and was extremely happy with time well spent. Dr. Paul has a point of view that is interesting and encouraging, and I plan on reading his book and working to use the principles he teaches in my life from now on.

  • Dez says:

    Awesome speaker! Very energetic and super entertaining! I will be listening to his podcast and watching him on YouTube!

  • DKBosch says:

    I have known Dr. Paul for over two decades, and I have just recently been favored with the opportunity of hearing his presentations. I have learned many skills that I now use on a daily basis. They have assisted me in moving through difficulty and realizing the power I have inside.

    I love Dr. Paul’s ability and willingness to be absolutely genuine. He does not hide the difficulties he has experienced. His experiences, trials, and fears are relatable. He is a true example to me of what I can get through. I am grateful that Dr. Paul has blazed the trail and is now lighting the path for me, to illuminate the the potential stumbling blocks, so that I can make it home safely.

    • DrPaul says:

      Devan, so honored to be on your team! There are more great things to come. I’m excited that you are enrolled in the coaching lab which will empower you to share these principles in an even more powerful way. Glad to have you on board.

  • Jody says:

    I enjoyed your presentation at our meeting. The only problem was that I wish some of my family and friends were there that day. I would love to use some of your thoughts in a paper I am writing for school. My motto for years has been: “There is always something good in every situation. Sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper.”

    I would love the Digital Copy of Portable Positivity.


  • Don Christensen says:

    Very interesting and inspiring thoughts. Will try to put into practice.

  • Jerilyn Call says:

    Enjoyed your presentation. Always good to evaluate my focus. Sometimes I get off track. Would love to have the info on my phone to reflect & keep focused.

  • Keith says:

    I have had the responsibility of “Preparedness” in the past but have never listed being positive as number 1, and water as number 4.
    I need to rethink my approach to being prepared.
    Thank You!

  • Kirk Robbins says:

    This was very positive motivational talk. I appreciated it. Its good to see someone looking for the positive in life. Like you said towards the end of your talk, the world seems to be really negative anymore. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Hi Dr. Paul,
    Thank you for speaking at the Utah Association of Special Districts. I am a teacher and have just recently started using Growth Mind Set this year. Your talk was very inspiring. It reminded me that I can make a difference for my students by teaching them the power of being positive.
    I also volunteer at Split Mountain Youth Center where juvenile delinquents are housed. I teach lessons to the youth and am excited to use your material in one of my lessons. Thank you for sharing.
    Dorraine Robbins

  • Marla Howard says:

    I like that this wasn’t the typical power of positive thinking but how to change your view on life and how to be happier.

  • Laverne says:

    Very useful presentation. Useful nuggets very likely for everyone. Personal happiness may depend on it. I am grateful to have heard Dr. Paul speak.

  • Julie Knaphus says:

    I liked this presentation! These exact principles saved my life when my son was severely burned. So many great things happened during his long recovery I had to make a list! Seeing those events got me through! Eli was like a guardian angel by giving back to a fellow patient – always exactly when his friend needed it! Both lived.

  • Christy Watt says:

    I loved the specific “brain hacks!” Thank you for helping us realize how important positivity is and how our brains can really think that way.

  • Clair Provost says:

    Thank you for the Purposeful, Powerful, Positive Presentation. It will be helpful moving forward.

    • DrPaul says:

      Clair, profoundly and profusely appreciative to be present with purveyors of practical and purposeful positive health practices!

  • David Rowley says:

    Thanks for the outlook to be positive v. negative.

  • Kristin says:

    “Elevation requires effort”

    Thank you! Been engulfed in doubt for quite a while. 3 weeks ago began the process to rise above it. New job, new town, new home, new partner, new vision!

  • Cal Griffiths says:

    Appreciated your time and insight. Always great to learn. Thanks.

  • Pamela Cummings says:

    Loved It!!

  • Jonelle says:

    Great concept – Love it. Thank you!

  • Gayla says:

    Awesome! Powerful! You make it sound easy, but doable. I’m definitely going to practice Gratitude Power Play. Thanks!

    • DrPaul says:

      Gayla – Thanks for your comment. Simple isn’t always easy, but it is a whole lot easier when we know how to operate the equipment right?

  • Rachel Keller says:

    I LOVED listening to you talk during lunch on May 6, 2017. You truly have a gift for public speaking!!! I took some great notes and left truly inspired!!! Thank you SO much!!! I am so happy to have been able to hear from you!!!

  • Emma Smith says:

    It was really cool to analyze our thinking. I also loved the stories and the suggestions. I am totally going to take them on. I love his speech and the ending, with all the alliteration, was incredibly impressive.

  • Jeff Wilding says:

    Dr. Paul gave a wonderful message at our young adult retreat. His message was very inspiring and I am grateful for the thoughts he shared in regards to positivity. I feel that I am a pretty optimistic person, but his thoughts added to what I already knew to be true as he shed a light on aspects that I had not considered. He is very engaging with his audience and makes the experience one to remember. I would recommend him to anyone who is in search of upliftment. Thank you Dr. Paul!

  • Nate Barrington says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the message given by Dr. Paul to our group. His message was very engaging and applicable to my life. His message of positivity can be applied to innumerable aspects of life. It helped me to gain a new perspective on how I perceive and react to differing situations in my life. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from him and be uplifted by his message.

  • Callmebob says:

    Singles fireside 3/25/2017 – I found the wrap-up to be profoundly perspicacious. 🙂
    Good thoughts…

  • Debra Peterson says:

    Tonight I heard Dr. Paul speak and it was perfectly, positively empowering and plentiful in playfulness yet profound. ( Towards the end he used a new presentation concept: alliteration that expressed his ideas well.) He gave concrete examples of the concepts he spoke about, allowing us to experience them first hand… and of course we laughed as what he said was obvious, but we may not have noticed, as he took us through steps on meta-cognition with meta-cognition. Faith involves creation (what we imagine) and evaluation, the better or worse of “what it is.” Thank you for teaching me of your philosophy Dr. Paul and for a joyful evening full of laughter. — Debbie

  • Joyce bird says:

    I was privileged to hear you speak at a single adult fireside in Orem. I hope I can always remember to ask myself whose agenda the voice in my head is serving. I left feeling so uplifted and hopeful. Thank you.

  • Janice Williamson says:

    Just went to a fireside with Dr. Paul as speaker. How informative, and uplifting!!. WOW!!

  • Darlene Burgi says:

    Dr. Paul, Tonight was great! Right on! We all need to hear more, because believing, even knowing does not assure doing. It takes WORK! I would like to know where I can get your books?

  • Ilene Smith says:

    Dear Dr. Paul Jenkins. I attended the single adult fireside tonight and appreciate your comments very much. I just need to hear it many more times but will do my best to apply the principles to be more aware of my thought processes. I learned shortly after my divorce that I could get better or I could get bitter. The difference in the words are the “e” and the “i”. If I focused on “e” what everyone else needed I would do much better. If I looked only at what “i” needed I would be bitter. That insight came through the spirit and sustained me. Your thoughts follow some of that premise. Thank you. You are a marvelous presenter. I am sure you have made a difference for good in many people’s lives. Since I can’t hear the presentation whenever I need a reminder, please send me your booklet to review.

    • DrPaul says:

      Ilene, I love that insight about the “e” and the “i” being the only differences between “better” and “bitter” – brilliant! Thank you for sharing that.

  • Donna Matlock says:

    Such a positive fireside! I’m looking forward to hearing you speak again. Do you have an upcoming fireside schedule on your website?

    • DrPaul says:

      Donna – Great to connect with you guys last night. I don’t have the calendar on the website at this point, but I will send out some periodic updates.

  • John Spencer says:

    It was great.

  • Paul Sperry says:

    Dr. Paul spoke to our young adult group and was fantastic. He easily engaged everyone with his amazing speaking style and humor. The message about principles, positivity, and personal choice was spot-on, very relevant, and seems to be well within the reach and capabilities of all of us.

  • This was perfect for this time in my life. Just yesterday I was trying to figure out what to do to help a friend struggling with negativity and consequent anger and this was perfect. Thank you very much. And of course I can always improve my own positivity as well. Wonderful talk.

    • DrPaul says:

      Madison – It is always humbling to me to hear that the message is just what someone needed. Thank you for being there!

  • Cathy Johnson says:

    I’ve always thought I was a fairly positive person. As life has become more challenging, it’s get harder and harder to always find the positive. When I heard Dr. Paul’s presentation, I realized how I could improve so much more. I have loved ones that I’m excited to share what I learned with. Thank You Dr. Paul

    • DrPaul says:

      Cathy – your desire to share what you learned in the presentation with loved ones is the highest measure of success – thank you!

  • Char Poulton says:

    I have never been a fan of motivational speakers because the presentations seem too forced, the programs seem to have too many lists to make and follow, and the presenters recommend too many behavioral changes that don’t come naturally. That changed with Dr. Paul’s presentation. Rather than advocate for buying a new tool box and filling it with new or unfamiliar gadgets, Dr. Paul pointed out the obvious of just using the primary tool you have (your mind) more efficiently – to consciously think about what you are thinking about. He is an extremely engaging speaker from the minute he begins. He combines professional psychology experience, religious insights, practical application, and humor into a presentation that resonates with participates on a real, lasting level. Throughout the presentation I found myself thinking, “This makes so much sense!” “This is what I do/think and why I feel a certain way when I do/think it!” “This is amazing!” I am still thinking about the concepts Dr. Paul presented, and I have shared them with my children, my husband, and my best friend. Dr. Paul helps you see that if you must pick a position, then choose positivity. It is not a passive, trite position. It is positively profound!

    • DrPaul says:

      Char – thank you for sharing your insights – so honored to be with your group last week and pleased that it had a positive impact!