Is there a program or process that propels us predictably to unprecedented personal power, productivity, and profit? Yes. Pathological Positivity.

Our planet is plagued with a pandemic of poisonous pessimism. The popular perception of painful or perturbing problems is pathogenically paralyzing.

Pathological Positivity programs and positions us to perceive positive possibilities in problems. It inspires and provokes people to apply positive principles and practices even in paralyzing predicaments.

Pathological Positivity isn’t just a program or philosophy, it is a personal preference. It is a programmed proclivity to purposefully opt for the positive from a plethora of possible perceptions. This promotes powerful productivity and profit.

Pandemic, pestilent and pernicious pessimism is pummeled into powder as professionals apply and promote pathologically positive paradigms.

The payoff is phenomenal prosperity.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

     – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  • Tim Turley says:

    Perfectly plausible pronouncement Professor Paul.

  • BC says:

    Wait! I take it back. I found support for your use of the term: as its third meaning, the World English Dictionary gives this: “informal[;] compulsively motivated: a pathological liar.”

    Given that use, I’ll be pathologically positive about our exchange and thank you for knowledge gained! 🙂

  • BC says:

    Dr. Paul, I’m afraid your use of the term probably does not abide scrutiny (the term “pathology,” even at the root of “pathological liar” is inescapably a disease reference–compulsive drivenness and statements of unmistakably known untruths are simply manifestations of the particular disease that do not imbue “pathology” with a separate non-disease meaning), but I appreciate your enthusiasm, and find the phrase kind of catchy and appealing because of the very tension between its words. In short, your applied meaning is a stretch, but after some explanation of its context, kind of catchy.

  • Carin Green says:

    Your alliteration is very personal and profuse! But Paul, you always were very positive.

  • Ken says:

    What a great article!
    Pondering the possibilities of re-positioning my paradigm to “pathological positivity” makes my heart palpitate with excitement.

  • DrPaul says:

    BC, You are right – in psychological lingo “pathological” means disordered, disconnected from reality, crazy. And it seems crazy to look at painful, life altering – perhaps life terminating – situations with a positive perspective, and yet it works. Pathological also means compulsively driven, as in “pathological liar”. A pathological liar says things that they know can’t possibly be true. A pathologically positive person might say something like, “the economy may be in the tank, but this is going to be our best year ever” and they know exactly why they are saying it.

  • Myra says:

    Love it!

  • Eric prostko says:

    Great post! We have to stay positive in the face of everything, even when only crazy people would be positive!

    I read this out loud to my neighbor, but then I had to clean off my monitor. 🙂

  • BC says:

    This is a creative, upbeat, and entertaining write-up (love the alliteration). But I’m afraid it may be spoiled by a misnomer: something is “pathological” if it is “a deviation from a healthy, normal, or efficient condition.” In short, a pathology is a disease. In contrast, your program is aimed at promoting wellness, not disease. I would suggest different (yet still alliterative) word choice. Consider the following:
    Prolonged Positivity
    Persistent Positivity
    Perservering Positivity
    Pervasive Positivity
    and, my personal favorite,
    Perpetual Positivity