What To Do When Your Child Hits You

By M-Power

Vicki: With this particular topic we are going to assume we are talking about younger children. If there is an issue going on with an older child hitting you or a teenager, we need to take a whole different approach and your safety is most important. If we have young children, sometimes physical aggression is just kind of part of the developmental growth of this child. Paul: I think that’s important to acknowledge because expecting kids to behave like an adult is an unrealistic expectation. So that’s something you can adjust. Vicki: Now, just because it’s part of their typical development, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay and we are just going to ignore it. Paul: We got to do something it. Vicki: What are we going to do about it? Paul: Because it’s not good for your child to be hitting you or anyone else for that matter. In…

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