Use This Method To Get Your Child To Listen And Behave

By M-Power

Paul: We have a method to get your child to listen and behave. Let’s jump on the first part of that. The listen part. And Vicki, you can help us out with this because you are a communications expert. You work with kids all the time. How do we get our kids to listen first of all? I think we need to change the quality of our communication. Vicki: Right. So, mean what you say and say what you mean. Paul: Exactly. I like the way I’ve heard this put before that you turn your words from garbage into gold. What effect are your words having currently on your kids? Does it feel like they are treating your words like garbage? Like they don’t pay any attention? They don’t care what you say? Maybe we could increase the quality of what you are saying so that they know what to…

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