Self-Calming Techniques For Preschoolers

By M-Power

Some of our viewers have asked for some self-calming techniques for their preschoolers. I think we can help you with that. Vicki: Young children really don’t have emotional self-regulation. It is pretty common for them to be out of control, and so, learning self-soothing techniques is going to take some time. Just expect that and it won’t be so frustrating to you when they just start throwing a big fit or having a meltdown. Paul: Vicki, we have been doing positive parenting groups for some time now. And as you have joined our groups and shared with us what’s going on in your own parenting world, I’ve seen this very frequently where parents of very young children, especially if they are first-time parents just aren’t aware of what some of the developmental expectations are. I would encourage you to not freak out too much. When you have a preschool child…

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