How to Get Toddler to Stop Hitting

By M-Power

Lori Petro has a channel on YouTube called, Teach Through Love, and she is doing some really great things with parenting. Lori is a mom and a blogger who takes questions from her audience like we do at Live On Purpose TV. Lori has a video up about how to get toddlers to stop hitting. I’ve got some ideas about that as well and I love what Lori said in her video about how hitting is age typical. Now I’m going to say age typical rather than age appropriate which is another term that you’ll hear sometimes. It’s an age typical behavior for toddlers, they do it, it’s common. Now that doesn’t mean that it’s adaptive or it’s what we want so obviously we are going to do some things to see if we can get that to stop. If you keep in mind that it’s age typical though, it’s…

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