Target Fixation: Staying Focused

By M-Power

Do you know what target fixation is?  A person becomes so fixated on an object that they end up driving into it. I heard a friend talking about it in connection to motorcycle riding. It is one of the most common reasons motorcyclists crash. If the motorcyclist stares at a rock, they are more likely to hit the rock.  Hit the rock? Yes.  A motorcyclist uses miniscule body movements to steer their bike so it is easier for them to hit the rock. It happens in autos also. This explains why people hit cars stopped on the side of the road or drift over into oncoming traffic. If their focus strays off the course of the car, the course of the car shifts to follow the focus of the driver. It also explains most rear-end collisions. The best way to avoid the collision is to look past the distraction, to…

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