Should I Give Advice?

By M-Power

Prevent opening mouth and inserting foot with these 5 questions Problems are universal. They might look different, but we all have them. When those problems are shared, well,  that’s when it happens.  We give advice.  It is so plain to see (from our perspective), and it is so clear what the other person should do. So we open our mouths and then… The relationship goes south. There is a way to save you the pain and agony that comes next. Be clear by asking yourself, “Was the advice requested?” If they aren’t asking for advice, they will reject it, so don’t give the advice, it’s a waste of time. They might just be venting and need to do so to become clear on what their next steps may be. If there is a clear request for advice, then ask yourself, “Am I emotionally invested in the outcome?” This makes clear…

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