Giant? Compared to What?

By M-Power

Last week I took my son out to the West Desert in Utah looking for bugs for his 9th grade biology assignment to make a collection.  While we were driving along this dirt road, we saw something moving and stopped the car.  It turned out to be a tarantula, which we excitedly collected and returned as a live specimen to his biology teacher.  I thought to myself – that thing is a GIANT.  Well, that is only true compared to other, smaller spiders.  Compared to me, that spider is pretty small.  As you face the giants in your life, whether it be a large debt, a challenging relationship, or a daunting health condition; remember that it is only “giant” compared to something else – usually compared to what you have experienced before or compared to what you think you can handle.  Keep the perspective that giants are all relative, and…

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