Change Your Language, Change Your Life

By M-Power

Word choice, tone, inflection. All can tell others where you are from. They can also tell others where you are coming from. Language can make it clear to others and ourselves, (if we are listening), whether our life perspective is one of noxious negativity or one of Pathological Positivity. Paying attention to how we speak helps us respond to life’s surprises in a healthier and more productive way. Tiffany Peterson, my friend and colleague, reminded me recently in a YouTube episode that what we say is not always directed outside of ourselves, but the person we talk to the most everyday is probably yourself. After all, we are with ourselves 24/7. Self-doubt and fears will creep in, just as weeds will always grow in a garden. Tiffany gives us some hints to close the loop faster and get thinking positively. Her first hint is to, “Be Kind to Yourself.” She suggests a…

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