Go Ahead – Ask Me Why

By M-Power

My daughter had a teacher once who told the kids that he was not going to teach them anything they didn’t need to know. There was a purpose behind what he was teaching and if they ever wanted to know why they were learning something he was teaching, they could ask. The students found it liberating to be able to ask, “Why should I learn this material?” Go ahead, you can ask me, “Why should I think positively? Does it really matter?” Yes, and there is science to back up the claim. When we think negatively, a chemical called cortisol, is released into our system. Cortisol shuts down the prefrontal cortex where we do our higher thinking, where we problem solve, and generate empathy, compassion and forgiveness. Just think about not being able to think logically about a problem, not even being able to try to see where another person…

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