Answer the What-Ifs

By M-Power

One of the favorite questions of your subconscious mind is “what if…?”  This question can be a powerful force for positive or negative results in your life.  When your mind asks this question about something you fear like, “what if I lose my job?”, or “what if I run out of money?”, or “what if my loved one dies?”, there is a predictable response.  The subconscious cannot tolerate a non-answer, so it makes one up – usually “well I couldn’t handle that!”  This triggers your fight-or-flight response, and you will experience fear, anxiety, and avoidance.  To move beyond this paralysis, you have to intentionally and consciously answer the “what if” questions.  OK then, what WOULD you do if you lost your job, or ran out of money, or lost a loved one?  You will feel yourself avoiding this line of thinking, but push through and answer the “what if?”.  You…

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