Affirmation vs. Resolution vs. Consideration

By M-Power

Which is right for you? Maybe all three. We are used to making New Year’s Resolutions and for the majority of people, letting them dwindle away like the last piece of confetti falling at midnight. Now, we don’t INTEND to have that happen, but it does.  If you haven’t been successful in the past, it is hard to resolve to do something now.  And, some people feel overwhelmed with everything going on in their lives and don’t think they can take on another thing, even if it is something necessary. Something that would enrich and bless their lives long-term. There is a way to ease into a resolution.  What if you started with a consideration. What if I consider exercising more? What would that look like? How would that happen? What would I need? A consideration is a careful thought over a period of time. Can you see how it…

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