Happy Grandparents Day

By M-Power

Sunday is a very important holiday and some of you may not even know about it. It is National Grandparents Day. My oldest grandchild just turned 6 in August and she has a brother and a sister now. Can I just say, these are three of the most important people in the world? “Your children are your rainbows and your grandchildren are your pot of gold.” One of the saddest things though is that our grandchildren live a few states away. On one of our visits, I had brought a yo-yo to the grandkids and one of the kids couldn’t get the yo-yo to go up and down, but he is an intelligent child (takes after his grandfather), and invented a new way to play with it. He had me get down on all fours, put it in front of me and began walking around the room saying, “Come on

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