Climate Control

By M-Power

The weather has been changing a lot here along the Wasatch Front in Utah, with Spring making a definite appearance.  I read a post today by Mark Sanborn who made some comparisons between the weather and our moods.  He writes, “The wild and varied weather swings of Colorado remind me much of what business and life are like. One day we’re figuratively lying on the beach and the next we’re freezing in a hail storm.  Which is your “normal” weather?  Over time it is easy to become discouraged and let snow and ice become our normal emotional weather. We still get sunny and warm some occasionally but look at those days as the exception rather than the norm.”  Unlike the weather, we have a little “Climate Control” we can do with our lives.  Keep a close eye on those prevailing patterns, and see what you can do about a little sunshine…

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