6 Strategies To Control My Temper With My Child

By M-Power

People Before Problems Relationships Before Rules Values Before Valuables Making Memories Before Messes Babies Before Business Humor Before Hassle Paul: It’s not the first time we’ve taken this one on, Vicki. How often does this come up for us? Vicki: All the time, I think. Paul: We get requests. We get comments. We get people asking all the time “How do I control my temper?” Vicki: Yes. Because parenting is such an emotionally charged and important thing we do and so when we lose our temper, well, nobody really wants to do that. They don’t want to be the parent with a bad temper. So, let’s give parents some steps. Paul: People before problems. One of my colleagues told me recently, “Paul, every problem that we face is a problem with thinking,” Vicki: Okay. Paul: Now, he’s a psychologist so of course he’s going to go that direction. But you…

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