Is Screen Time Dangerous For Kids?

By M-Power

Our parents never had to deal with this question when we were kids because the world has changed. Is screen time dangerous for kids? Paul: There is actually a lot of studies coming out that are showing that yeah, there are some negative effects of too much screen time. But you know what? I think it’s important to recognize it’s not the screens that are the problem. But they are kind of like fire. I like this analogy. You know, Vicki how there was a time when our kids were little when there was a little fire that erupted? Vicki: [Laughs] Paul: Do you remember this? And fire is dangerous, right? It can burn down your house. It can consume a forest or even an entire community. We’ve seen this in the news from time to time. So, is fire a bad thing? No. Fire is a powerful thing. We…

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