Failure is not the Opposite of Success

By M-Power

It’s International Day of Failure.  Did you catch that? International! We could change it to global. EVERYONE makes mistakes and those mistakes can lead us to feel like a failure.  Why, if everyone makes mistakes do we jump to failure? As a professional psychologist, can I tell you that you are never wrong about how you feel?  How you feel is 100% consistent with how you think. Feelings are a natural consequence of our thought patterns. Our thoughts lead to our feelings and that should give you a hint on where to start overcoming the feelings of failure. We think of success as attaining or arriving at a goal. Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of it. Dr. John Maxwell wrote a book called, “Failing Forward.” I love that title. Does it change how you feel about failing? Robert Kiyosaki wrote, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” He…

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