Information vs. Transformation

By M-Power

In thinking about the topic for today‚Äôs email, I googled positivity and came up with 52,300,000 responses.  That is a lot of information. If you had the time to go through and read all the articles and posts, would it make you more positive? Not likely. We can read books about cooking, eat a lot of food, but does that make you a chef?  Not likely. We have to take that information and put it into action before we get the transformation.  Transformation is something that happens after gaining information.  It is a process, not an event. No one and done here. It takes practice and repetition.  It takes messing up and learning where we went wrong.  It takes building muscle memory to create true transformation. We want transformation. That is why we read books, listen to podcasts and pay money for seminars and courses. We want to be better….

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