In Parenting, How Strict Is Too Strict?

By M-Power

As parents, we constantly wonder if we’re on track or not. In parenting, how strict is too strict? To answer this question. we’ve got to get into the motivation. That determines whether it’s too strict or not. Before we dive too much into that, let’s get a little bit more of a definition. Strict I think means being able to enforce appropriate limits and rules effectively without giving in or being inconsistent. This is how I’m defining it. Strict is not mean. To be a strict parent is not a bad thing. To be a mean parent, we got a problem. So, strict is not mean. Keep that in mind as we talk about this. It’s still a legitimate question. How strict is too strict? Where are you coming from as a parent? What is your motivation? What is your job as a parent? It’s so fun for me when…

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