Improve Marriage

Upgrade Your Relationship

By M-Power

A couple in my office recently heard me say, “You need a new marriage.” She looked at me with surprise in her face, they were paying me to help them save their marriage, not to tell them they need a new one. “Keep your spouse, ” I responded, “and get a new marriage.” Better is always different – by definition. That isn’t always true the other way around, and that’s why different can seem scary. If we truly want an upgrade, it depends on our willingness to change. The good news is… You can upgrade your relationship today, right now, without materially changing anything about your spouse or situation. Try this: Find gratitude in where you are right now without changing anything. Notice the good and focus on it. This doesn’t make the bad go away, what it does is changes your position. Through gratitude for what it is, you…

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