How To Handle An Interfering Mother In Law

By M-Power

Do you ever wonder where all of the mother-in-law jokes and all the mother-in-law stories come from? It’s because people actually have these experiences. You know what, though? Most people don’t want to be that person. That’s going to be really important as we come back to how to handle it in just a little bit. First, let’s review our 5 key relationships. Now, this is Dr. Paul’s opinion, okay? Over almost 3 decades of clinical experience working with people just like you I’ve come to this conclusion about relationships. There are 5 key relationships. In this order: Number 1, your Creator. I’m not here as your spiritual guide or as your ecclesiastical leader. I’m just acknowledging that it’s really important for us as human beings to come to some sense of where we came from. Our source. Our Creator. Whatever that is for you, connect with that. That’s your…

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