How To Teach Kids Table Manners?

By M-Power

Paul: So, Vicki, here’s the thing. Kids don’t come pre-programmed to follow all of your rules and especially when it comes to something like table manners. Vicki: All manners are learned. Paul: If you don’t believe this, just watch your animals. Vicki: Well… Remember that manners are really more related to our culture. Paul: Manners require a higher level of functioning too, because it has a lot of social innuendo that’s woven into it. There’s a lot of complexity that goes into manners, etiquette rules of behavior that affect how we interact with other people. Kids don’t come by it naturally, so we teach them. Vicki: Yep. We have to explicitly teach table manners. Paul: Years ago I got to sing in a choir, and we were singing a song about children. The recurring theme in the song was, “How will they know unless we teach them?” Vicki: Right. Paul:…

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