How to Stop Overthinking: the natural state of your mind

By M-Power

How to stop overthinking? Ever wonder what space sounds like? I have never been there, but I have heard it is quiet. We are going to do that today, create some space (in your head). This may sound silly, but first, notice that you are thinking. This is a process I call metacognition. Cognition means thinking. Metacognition is a higher level. It’s thinking about thinking. Notice that. One of my colleagues said, “Hey, Paul. Every problem that we have is a problem with thinking.” That’s a bold statement. But as I’ve considered my colleague’s statement, I think he might be right. Every problem I can think of comes down to a problem with thinking. Anything that occurs to us is technically a neutral event. That’s going to sound a little foreign to you unless you’ve already had a chance to think about that. Everything that happens is a neutral event….

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