How To Practice Gratitude [Daily Gratitude Practice]

By M-Power

Evaluation and creation. These are two processes that constantly go on in our mind and control or set the stage for pretty much everything else. It is important to start from gratitude because gratitude changes the game. I think that there’s a real key in the word practice. Scott Wilhite, who wrote the book, The 7 Core Skills Of Everyday Happiness. In Scott’s book, he points out that gratitude is like other aspects of positivity or happiness and that it is a skill. If it’s a skill then you want to practice, so we put into play practice techniques that allow us to benefit from the principle of gratitude. I’m also thinking of another author and friend of mine, Mr. Kevin Clayson. If you’ve ever heard Kevin speak, he’s a lot of fun and he has a whole lot of energy. Kevin wrote a book called, Flip The Gratitude Switch…

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