How To Help A Teenager With Anxiety

By M-Power

Paul: Vicki, we’ve had a lot of parents asking us how to help a teenager with anxiety. So, let’s jump into that today. We’ve done a number of videos on our channel at Live On Purpose TV on YouTube about anxiety and what causes it. The short version, your brain loves you. It’s true. Your brain does not want you to be in danger or to experience any kind of threat because well that wouldn’t be good for your brain. So, it tries to take care of you. And the way that it does that is through the fight-or-flight response. This fight-or-flight response is what we subjectively experience as anxiety. It’s where the feelings come from. This is a normal thing that your brain does. And it happens to everybody. Kids, teenagers, adults, everybody has this mechanism built-in. So, maybe the first thing is let’s normalize the experience a little…

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