How To Do The Right Thing When It’s Hard

By M-Power

One of our viewers asked, “Doctor Paul, how do you do the right thing when it’s hard?” There’s some psychological tricks to this. And I’m going to fill you in on each one of them. First of all, newsflash! The right thing often is hard. Do you remember in Harry Potter where Dumbledore is talking to Harry and he says, “There will come a time when you have to decide between doing what is right and doing what is easy.” That implies that the right thing is hard. My friend Art Coombs is just finishing his new book entitled, Hard Easy, Easy Hard, and it’s about this concept where if you choose to do the easy thing right now, you probably are going to create a harder life for yourself. And then the converse of that. If you choose to do the hard thing now, you’re more likely to set…

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