Developing Positive Habits Through Checklists

By M-Power

Positive habits get us to our goals. The tricky part is breaking habits that aren’t helping us achieve our goals and establishing positive habits that help to reach those goals. I have a hack for you. Checklists A checklist is simply a list of tasks to be completed. It is that simple, but remember –┬ásimple is not always easy. A checklist helps to stay focused and is a reminder of the objective. Almost everyone has used a checklist when they go to the grocery store.  It helps you remember the items you need and can help to limit spending and eat better (if we stick to the list). The same benefits are available in any other area of life.  Checklists are a simple yet powerful tool that can help us form positive habits because it forces us to stay focused on the tasks necessary to reach our goals.  If you are a visual person,…

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