How To Deal With Girl Bullies In Middle School

By M-Power

Bullying in general is something that we’ve got to address a little bit better in our communities. It’s becoming more of a problem all over the planet.  The specific topic of today’s video has to do with adolescents which bullying tends to increase as we get into those adolescent years, and girls particularly in middle school.  When we were shooting the video for this topic at Live On Purpose TV, both Allie and Alisha who were filming said, “Oh, yeah, girls can be awful. Mean Girls.” There is even a movie with that name. Girls can be even worse than boys when it comes to bullying. It can be a big problem. There are different forms of bullying. Think of a spectrum or a continuum, maybe on the less severe end of that spectrum we’ve got teasing, banter. Especially friendly or playful banter. As you move toward the other end…

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