How Do You Improve A Child’s Concentration?

By M-Power

Paul: We have both had some experience with this. Vicki, I know you have. How do you improve a child’s concentration? We have a number of ideas for you. First, maybe a disclaimer. Concentration can be affected by a lot of different factors. Vicki: And it’s kind of hard to figure out just what is affecting your child. Paul: It really can be. We are going to share some ideas with you, but be open to other solutions as well. Sometimes you need a little extra help. I have felt as a psychologist working primarily with children and families that we tend to over diagnose conditions like ADHD, for example. Sometimes when a child is having a hard time concentrating, it’s really easy to jump to the diagnosis. Well, it may or may not be a true diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. So, let’s just put that on a…

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