Scary Times Success Manual

By M-Power

Viktor Frankl, in his book Man’s Search For Meaning, identified what he called the “last of human freedoms” which is the freedom to choose your attitude in any given set of circumstances.  Successful people everywhere understand this as they see the challenges in their life as opportunities – not as bringing opportunities, but as opportunities in and of themselves.  One of my coaches, Dan Sullivan, has applied this in an extraordinary way by saying that other people’s problems are our opportunities.  Finding ways to create value for others by helping them through their own hard times is a key to prosperity.  I’ve included today a copy of an article that Dan wrote about this – hope you find it helpful.   Don’t just survive, Thrive!   scarytimesmanual   P.S.  I’m really excited about Live On Purpose Radio this week – I will be interviewing Frank W. Abagnale.  Some of you…

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