Forgiveness, What it Is and What it Isn’t

By M-Power

The comment went something like this, “I like the majority of what you say, but I just cannot agree with you on forgiveness. Can you honestly expect someone to forgive their abuser? That is just not o.k. Understanding what forgiveness is and what it isn’t will help us to see why we would choose to forgive someone who has hurt us. First of all, let’s understand what forgiveness is not. It is NOT saying that what was done is o.k. Abuse should not be tolerated or condoned. It is not o.k. The abuser should be held responsible for their actions. Steps need to be taken to get the abused party in a safe place. One where they will not be abused and can hopefully begin to build relationships where trust is a valued principle. This doesn’t happen instantaneously. It is a journey, it takes time. Just because the abuse has stopped doesn’t…

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