Spring Clean Your Mind

By M-Power

Spring is a time of renewal and growth and MAYBE a time to brush away a few cobwebs. Those hanging from the ceiling and those in other areas of our lives. Capitalize on the fresh air and increased light to jump-start your motivation and energy to get a new perspective in your home, your habits, or even your relationships. You can do some spring cleaning that may affect your mental health positively. Choose to clean out a closet. Pull out everything and only put those things back in that you have touched or used in the past 12 months (or less), Get some baskets and organize the shoes, outdoor wear, hats, etc. Donate the things you don’t need. Giving to others can lift our spirits. Having an organized closet can clear your mind, and give you increased energy and motivation. Check out the Minimal Mom, our friend, Dawn Madsen for…

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