How To Stop Being Stubborn

By M-Power

Whether it is you having problems with stubbornness, or someone you know, it is helpful to start with the root cause of stubbornness. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it’s pride. I don’t mean a healthy sense of who you are. I’m talking about destructive pride, where you know that you are right. It’s not that you think you are right. No. It’s a whole different level. You KNOW you are right. And because of that, you get stuck. People are stubborn and don’t want to move from the position of being right. Let me tell a story to illustrate what I mean. This is personal, because yes, I know that I’m right too. A friend of mine, Dr. Cameron Mosher had suggested that I attend his course. It’s a ropes course,  a skill-building course. I had been avoiding Dr. Cam for years because…

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