Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Beginner

By M-Power

Remember how it felt when the teacher would introduce a new concept to the class? Often what we were faced with looked like hieroglyphics until the teacher explained what everything meant on the paper and how to read it.  Often kids look at the paper and immediately go to:  “I can’t do this.” “I have never dealt with this before.” “I don’t get it.” Teachers patiently try to walk their students through the steps until the lightbulb comes on. This usually happens after the child has calmed down enough to actually look at the paper and follow the directions. Maybe for you it was learning algebra and suddenly having letters thrown in with numbers.  (I thought it was kind of fun, but I remember others having a harder time.) We all survived algebra yet we still get new problems thrown at us. Like calculus problems. Unlike algebra, these seem to

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