How To Cure Wetting the Bed

By M-Power

What causes wetting the bed? It comes down to 2 primary causes. A deficiency in antidiuretic hormone which is the hormone that dries us up when we are sleeping. If you don’t have enough of that then you’re gonna need to get up and go to the bathroom at night. The other cause has to do with deep sleeping. I’ll get into that here because that’s one that we can really do something about. Both heavy sleeping and a deficiency of antidiuretic hormone have to be present in order for bedwetting to occur. If you generate enough hormone, then you don’t have to get up and go at night. If you’re not sleeping so deeply then you’ll be able to get up and go when you get the signals. Now, that gives us some ideas about how to cure it. Your central nervous system, takes good care of you by…

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