What Can Parents Do To Prevent Childhood Obesity?

By M-Power

The rates of obesity worldwide are increasing especially in North America for  preschool age children. Some of the studies are estimating that 10% of preschool age children have an obesity problem. By the time they get into school, those numbers double, up to one in 5. And it’s trending in a negative direction. It’s becoming a health crisis that is only going to get worse if we don’t intervene. The simple equation is calories in and calories out. Whatever is greater is going to determine the direction of the weight gain or the weight loss. Now, that’s the simple equation and there are a lot of complicating factors. But basically, its calories in versus calories out. What does that mean for our kids? What they eat matters and what kind of activity they engage in matters. We’ve also learned that restrictive diets are not particularly helpful for children, and they…

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