How To Be More Patient In A Relationship

By M-Power

How To Be More Patient In A Relationship Paul: Vicki, you have got to know some stuff about how to be patient in a relationship. You’ve been living with me for how long? You know, when we don’t feel patient, it’s because of a violation. A violation of an expectation, that makes sense? Vicki: Yeah. Whether expressed or not expressed. Even realized. Paul: This is one of the benefits of metacognition. When you can think about your thinking. And back off from and say, “Okay, why am I feeling impatient?” There are 2 elements actually. One is a violation of an expectation, you expect it to go a certain way and it didn’t and so you’re feeling a little tipped over. And the other is a connection to timing. Vicki: Timing is a big one. Paul: Which is really part of the definition of being patient, is that you disconnect…

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