If Only I had Spent More Time at the Office

Work and Life Balance

By M-Power

This might be a misnomer – can we ever really balance it? Maybe the goal here is to be clear about priorities. Do you want to have everything balanced, or do you want to spend most of your time where it matters most at the right times? One way to prioritize your time, efforts, and resources is to focus on five key relationships. Here’s how it stacks up: Your Creator – I’m not your spiritual leader, but I acknowledge here that we all have to come to terms with our source. Your Self – Most people forget that this is actually a relationship, and thereby neglect one of the most important ones. Your Family – And within family there is a lineup as well: Spouse Children Extended Other People – Including clients, coworkers, customers, starving children in Africa. Things – Including money and property In my experience, keeping these key…

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