5 Effects Of Bad Parenting

By M-Power

As a psychologist, I have seen some of the effects of bad parenting. Having said that, before I get into the top 5, it’s a relief to know that most of these things can be fixed. Especially if we jump on it quickly and early. The first thing that came to my mind is one of the effects of bad parenting is the endangerment of children. I’m thinking about a video that we’ve probably all seen, Home Alone. The parents somehow forgot and left one of their children home alone. Macaulay Culkin plays the child, who at first was a little tipped over but then starts to enjoy himself. Endangerment is one of the issues we need to look out for and especially when it comes to abuse. There is no excuse for the abuse of children. And that’s not what this particular video is about. But that’s one of…

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