Fall Resolutions May be Better Than New Year’s

By M-Power

Have you nailed your New Year’s Resolution? Do you even remember what you said you were going to accomplish in 2022? It’s not too late to accomplish your goal. Fall may be a better time to make and keep a resolution anyway. Many people are facing burnout after the holidays and it is harder to have the positive mindset necessary to develop new habits when we are tired and stressed. Fall is a time of new beginnings, different clothes and routines. A year may be too long, looming distant, and it is easy to procrastinate taking the necessary steps to achieve your goal. When you have just a few months, you can build the urgency to take action. And it takes on average, a little over two months to develop a new habit that sticks.  Fall is also the perfect time to make a resolution as summer is fading and…

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