How To Have Patience With My Toddler

By M-Power

Hey, Vicki. Cammy wrote in asking, “How do I have more patience with my toddler?” I’ve got some ideas. Do you? Vicki: Yeah. Let’s talk about it. Paul: Cammy, we got your back. Stay calm. We can break that down into a tool. So, let’s start with C in calm stands for care. Meaning self-care. Vicki: This is so important with toddlers. Paul: You have got to sometimes just take a step back when you are starting to get frustrated and impatient with your child. Make sure that they are safe and that they are cared for, for a minute, then step aside. Do whatever it takes. Take a bath. Do some reading. Go for a quick walk as long as the child is safe, right? You are just going to get a moment to take care of yourself. Paul: One of the barriers that you’ll come up against especially…

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