Ready for that positivity boost to power up your personal and family development? Looking for something more powerful and affirming than traditional psychotherapy? Hoping to find some positive answers to stress, depression, and anxiety? With over two decades of experience as a professional psychologist, Dr. Paul Jenkins guides individuals, executives, leaders, couples, and families through a positive psychology process which empowers relationships and increases happiness and satisfaction.

To find out more about working personally with Dr. Paul or engaging him as an advisor and coach with your family, simply submit the form on this page.

“This was so great! I really enjoyed it. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and now use techniques you taught in my own life. You taught in an easy to understand way, that was also very fun. Thank you so much!”

Mary B.

Paul is a corporate psychologist. He insists that when you have a great idea, act on it so it produces results. So, here’s a great idea for you: Call him. Now! I’m not kidding. Here’s his phone number. 1-801-380-5161

Thomas Cantrell
Administrative Law Advocates, International

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