Why Is A Gratitude Journal Important?

By M-Power

You’ve probably heard it 100 times. “Gratitude is really important.” Why is a gratitude journal important? Maybe you’ve had one of those days where you just feel stuck in the muck, and you are not sure how to get out of that. I’ll tell you about some almost magical ways to overcome the muck. I do a lot of positivity coaching. Not just from this motivational speaker just-think-positive kind of an approach. I’m a psychologist and I get down to the science behind positivity and how it works. Here’s where we start, gratitude. The research is really clear about the positive effects of gratitude on our thinking on our mood and that branches out to affect every single aspect of our life. What is it about journaling that has such a powerful effect? In those days where we are just feeling stuck, the thing that we don’t notice is that…

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